Hello !

My name is Melissa, I’m a spiritual guide & self development facilitator, it’s a fancy way of saying that I help you to reconnect with your true self & create the life that lights you up !

At 30, I was a speech therapist, earning a very good living & I’d bought a big house in the town where I grew up… I’d followed the classic pattern that made my parents proud, only problem : I was unhappy & not fulfilled !
In 5 years, I radically transformed my life : I sold the house & all of my belongings, I set up my own business & I became a digital nomad !
Last year, I took things up a notch again, I started working in English (one of my greatest fears) & hosting moon ceremonies in the colivings where I lived. I’ve had amazing feedback about the special energy & positive vibes I bring to the community. Then one thing led to another in a magical way : I was invited to speak at a festival of digital nomads & I organised my 1st retreat !
Today my life is even wilder than I ever dreamt about and I couldn’t have imagined it possible…
That’s what I want to pass on to you and enable you to do with Magical Coliving Experience. Are you ready to take your life to the next level ?

How it works

Living in a coliving space is already inspiring but what interests me is creating a powerful & life-changing experience ! By deepening connections within the community, bringing people together in transformative spaces where they can get to know each other better, share authentically, confide in each other, create unforgettable moments & rise together…

It’s not just about living together & sharing activities from time to time, it’s about taking an honest interest in the other person, trying to understand them, seeing them as they really are & showing yourself fully. Be surrounded & supported by a caring community, like-minded people. Feeling seen, heard & understood by the tribe. 

I think that retreats lasting a few days are too short & intense, it’s overwhelming when you’re there but then you go back to your normal life & you quickly lose the beneficial effects. A month-long stay, on the other hand, gives you plenty of time to integrate and process what you’re experiencing, to exchange with others, to gain new insights, to start implementing new habits…Hit the reset !

It works like a classic coliving scheme : you work during the day, do your own groceries and cook your own meals. Activities take place in the mornings, evenings & on weekends

What to expect

I’ve devised a programme that combines experiences as well as time for integration, so that you can digest your new awareness & start changing things at your own pace :

  • Morning routines, meditations and journaling prompts every week
  • Sharing circle every Sunday evening to take stock of the week’s feelings and progress
  • Theme-based group workshops every weekend
  • 2 moon rituals : New Moon to set your intentions & plant the seeds of your aspirations – Full Moon to purify your energy & release your past blockages
  • 2 cacao ceremonies
  • Introspection and manifestation practices
  • Group meals, activities & visits
  • Sunrise & sunset gazing
  • & more surprises…

Places are limited to 12 people – the experience will probably take place in June in Europe (Spain, Portugal, Italy or the Canary Islands)

I can’t give you all the details yet, I’m in the process of finding the perfect place to host us, but if you’ve read this far, it’s clear that you’re called by the experience ! Leave me your e-mail address so that I can keep you informed as soon as possible

The experience

Do you sometimes feel that your life is slipping away from you ? That you don’t have enough time/money/motivation/self-confidence for yourself & your projects ? That you’re wasting your energy on things that don’t really matter (looking after other people’s lives, binge-watching Netflix, spending too much time on your phone…) ? And at the end of the day, do you feel frustrated because you haven’t been able to move forward with your dreams, because your life doesn’t look like you want it to be, because you haven’t taken action ?

Maybe you give up on your ideas before you even get started. Maybe you’re postponing your aspirations. Maybe you put your life on hold, telling yourself you’ll do it later…

However, deep down you feel that you are more than what you have been until now, you know that you can create more than what you have created until now, experience more than you have so far !

« Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life » Steve Jobs

We live in a world of distractions where we run away from ourselves, our attention is constantly drawn to the outside world & we can’t even hear ourselves think because there’s so much noise around us. We worry about the problems of our loved ones, what other people think of us, we live in our own heads trying to control everything, we spend hours watching other people’s lives on Instagram & seeing them fulfil their dreams, we put off achieving ours until tomorrow, we wait for the right moment (which will never come)

We’re so immersed in the energy of others & so busy being/doing what they expect of us that we don’t even know what we really want, what our desires are, what our real needs are, we don’t ask ourselves any questions, in the end we don’t even know who we really are !

And in the meantime, we’re missing out on our life…

We don’t take the time to slow down, to go back and look within ourselves to really listen to ourselves and to let the answers emerge, instead we exhaust ourselves looking for outside. We expect others to show us the way, to tell us where to go, what to do, how to do it. When all we need to do is create silence and turn inwards to access our core within us that already knows everything, our internal GPS, our own compass, the only one that knows where we really want to go and can take us there

All this time & energy can be reclaimed to create what you really want, you have the ability to take back your creative power, that’s what I’ve done & that’s what I’m going to help you do !

 I invite you to embark on a 1-month spiritual journey to meet your true self (hidden beneath layers of conditioning, limiting beliefs, repetitive patterns…) & create the exciting life that really lights you up ! What you’ll experience during these 4 weeks :

Week 1 : Awareness – Seeing beyond your illusions

We’ve been taught to look at our lives through a keyhole that prevents us from seeing the big picture, from thinking bigger. We only perceive a tenth of the field of possibilities, we only experience a tiny percentage of what we could experience, we only use a limited amount of our potential & we only create a tiny sample of what is possible for us ! We’re programmed to play small & our brains only consider the options that they already know and that seem safe. Our biggest brake is our lack of imagination & vision about our lives !


  • You’re going to delve into your subconscious to observe yourself & become aware of the mechanisms you unconsciously put in place to limit yourself. Identify what you do out of habit without even realising it, but which you haven’t really chosen. Identify the excuses you use to prevent yourself from developing & flourishing…
  • You’re going to open your eyes and see the opportunities, imagine other possibilities, allow yourself to dream bigger, be more ambitious, want more and better ! We’ll work on your vision, on what you want to create in this life

Week 2 : Liberation – Making room for more & better

To be able to receive new ideas, opportunities and relationships, you have to clear the clutter to make room. Imagine your life as a basket, if it’s already full to the brim, the Universe won’t be able to bring you anything new. Very often, our basket is filled with our past, emotions, situations and people who are no longer aligned, a whole host of things that don’t serve our evolution. We hold on to all this because it’s scary to let go of what we know, we’re afraid of not finding something better, of losing what we have, so we hang on even though deep down we feel it’s not right…


  • I’ll help you to free yourself from what no longer suits you, to loosen your grip on what gives you a (false) sense of security, to leave behind your toxic habits, to remove all the distractions that prevent you from focusing on what really matters & to give up everything that doesn’t support your fulfilment. We’re going to clean up your life & cleanse your energy so that you can reclaim time, mental space, clarity & your power !
  • Digital detox (outside working hours) to cut yourself off from the outside world, from comparison, from the expectations, validations and projections of others. Cleanse your mind & access your own source
  • I’ll guide you to set up habits that do you good, a routine that nourishes you

Week 3 : Connection – Aligning with your true self

We may have lived with ourselves for years, but we don’t know ourselves all that well because we’ve built up a persona to fit in with what our parents/friends/lovers expect of us, to make sure we’re loved & not too disruptive. We get lost in the opinions, projections & fears of others. We’re influenced by needs & dreams that don’t belong to us… So much so that our own desires & needs are totally blurred, we lack clarity about what we want for ourselves, we find it hard to choose & make decisions for ourselves. We’re afraid of making mistakes, we don’t know what’s good for us because we’ve spent too much time on the outside, disconnected from our intuition 


  • You’re going to give yourself the greatest gift of all : a profound reconnection with yourself, you’re going to meet your true self, identify your own needs/desires, bathe in your own energy, discover your truth, what’s true & right for you
  • Disassociate yourself from others to become your own authority, your own pillar & access your inner guidance. Learn to feel, to listen to the messages of your body, your intuition…
  • You’ll discover what’s burning inside you, awaken your creativity, boost your inspiration, channel your projects and connect with your purpose !

Week 4 : Action – Finding the courage to overcome your fears

What experience would you choose to have if you weren’t afraid ? Would your life be different ? Chances are, yes…

It’s our fears that paralyse us & stop us from bringing to life the dreams that are in our hearts ! It’s our fears that make us procrastinate, put off our desires hanging & keep us in the waiting room of our lives. It’s our fears that make us waste the precious time we have here & prevent us from making the most of it. They take control of our lives & we forget how lucky we are to be living this experience, that our time is counted & our life is sacred !

What would you do differently if you knew you had 3 months to live ?


  • You’re going to remember that you’ll never get back the time that’s gone by & that every minute of your lifetime is an opportunity to live the best life possible !
  • Put yourself back in control of your life, embody your leadership and overcome your doubts, because you know that there’s nothing more important than LIVING !
  • Gain clarity on the path to follow & the different stages of your itinerary
  • Channel ideas and receive information to take inspired & aligned actions that will have a big impact
  • Define what you want to bring during your existence, how you want to contribute to the World & what you want to leave behind
  • Light a fire so strong inside you that it will drive you to take action to achieve your dreams & live without regrets…

« You don’t need more time before you die, you simply need to live the time you are given more intensely. You should live your life as if you are about to die, because in reality you are »  Michael A. Singer (The untethered soul)


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