Welcome !

I’m Melissa, your host & facilitator

At 30, I was a speech therapist, earning a very good living & I’d bought a big house in the town where I grew up… I’d followed the classic pattern that made my parents proud, only problem : I was unhappy & not fulfilled !

In 5 years, I radically transformed my life : I sold the house & all of my belongings, I set up my own business & I became a digital nomad !

2023 was a major turning point in my life, I started hosting moon ceremonies in the colivings where I lived. I’ve had amazing feedback about the special energy & positive vibes I bring to the community. Then one thing led to another in a magical way : I organised my 1st retreat, it was so beautiful & powerful…I knew I wanted to share these face-to-face experiences full-time, spread my magic around the World & that’s how Magicoliving was born !

The concept

Magicoliving is a 3 in 1 package, it combines coliving, coworking & a transformative journey. Embark on a life-changing experience : a 1-month spiritual program surrounded by a carefully selected tribe !

I’ll guide you through inner exploration & collective workshops but we’re also going to co-create the experience together, so that everyone can contribute and share their knowledge if they feel like it…

It works like a classic coliving (with the added benefits of a retreat) : you can work during the day since activities take place in your free time. I’ll come up with an exciting new theme for each week :

Week 1. Awareness – Seeing beyond your illusions

Week 2. Liberation – Making room for more & better

Week 3. Connection – Aligning with your true self

Week 4. Action – Finding the courage to overcome your fears

Lovely community

Living & working together is already inspiring but Magicoliving is a colive experience on another level : deep connections, authentic sharing & heart-to-heart conversations…

It’s not just about sharing a house, superficial bonds & small talk. I want to create a mindful, supportive & loving tribe where you feel seen, heard, understood & free to truly be yourself !

Sometimes you can feel alone in coliving because you don’t choose the people you live with & you don’t necessarily have chemistry. That’s why community is at the heart of the experience & it’s my priority

Access is by application process, I’m going to select the right people, form the perfect match and ensure the best possible experience !

People who get excited about sunrises, sunsets, a sky full of stars, full moons, deep connections and heart to heart conversations are my kind of people

Personal & spiritual growth

This is what stands Magicoliving out from classic coliving : I’ll facilitate your inner exploration & offer you collective workshops

I’ve lovingly devised a transformative program to help you meet your true self & create the exciting life that really lights you up !

Come back to yourself & reclaim your power through practices/tools that will make you more aware & fulfilled :

  • Morning routines, meditations and journaling prompts every week
  • Sharing circle every Sunday evening
  • Collective workshops every weekend
  • 2 moon rituals : New Moon to set your intentions & plant the seeds of your aspirations – Full Moon to purify your energy & release your past blockages
  • 2 cacao ceremonies
  • Dancing & singing
  • Introspection and manifestation practices
  • Community dinners & visits
  • & more surprises…

1-month experience

I think that retreats lasting a few days are too short & intense, it’s overwhelming when you’re there, then you go back to your normal life & you quickly lose the beneficial effects

A month-long stay (the time of a lunar cycle) gives you plenty of time to integrate and process what you’re experiencing, to gain new insights, to start implementing new habits…and also to do nothing because it’s important for your creativity !

I want us to take the time to get to know each other and, of course, explore the surrounding area together. The aim is really to slow down, settle in, get your bearings and feel at home !

And what’s more, it’s eco-friendly 😉

Good vibes

All the people I’ve lived with have told me exactly the same thing : there’s something special about my energy ! My vibe is truly unique & my positivity is contagious

Amazing mood guaranteed : after 1 month of immersion with me, expect to vibrate very high ! You’ll enjoy the ideal setting and best conditions for prioritising yourself and taking care of your energy

Cherry on the cake : I heal through my words, there are healing frequencies in my voice – they put you in a hypnotic state to rewire your brain & lighten your heart…

Is it for you ?

  • You’re a digital nomad, entrepreneur or remote worker
  • You need to escape loneliness and/or bad weather
  • You want to connect with like-minded people, you’re looking for your beloved tribe
  • You’re craving for authentic links, meaningful connections & you enjoy deep conversations
  • You embrace your sensitivity, you are able to speak from the heart, to show your vulnerability & you have a genuine curiosity about other humans
  • You’re interested in spirituality, whether you’re already on the path or just starting out
  • You want to slow down, come back inside, sit down with a notebook & explore yourself
  • You’re ready to commit on your transformation by taking advantage of the tools I’ll be making available to you
  • You don’t wait for the answers to come from outside, you know that they will emerge from you
  • You’re willing to get involved in the community

Let’s create some magic together !

Since the start of the Magicoliving adventure, nothing has gone according to plan ! The 1st edition was due to take place in June, then in September in Gran Canaria, but life decided otherwise…
I know that all these redirections serve to guarantee the most wonderful experience possible, so I’m surrendering to the process & I’m learning a lot along the way

At the moment, I’m looking for the house that will host us (in South Portugal) but that hasn’t stopped the 1st participants from signing up – only 5 spots left ! It made me realise that the most important thing isn’t the destination (even though I’m going to make sure we’ll be comfortable, able to work properly & we’ll have our privacy) but the experience itself & the community 🫶
It’s really magical, just like the concept 😉

So if your intuition has brought you this far & you’re excited about the chance to spend a unique and transformative month with the right people, book your call so we can get to know each other and discuss the details !


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